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Sikkim Silk Route Tour

Are you thinking to have an off-beat holiday with your family? Are you a nature enthusiast? Then Sikkim silk route tour can be the best option for your next vacation. Silk route has always been an important part of trading goods with the other countries in the World; especially the different kinds of spices. Though, despite the importance of trading Silk route has emerged as one of the most visited tourist spots nowadays.

What Should You Take Care?

So, if you have decided to set off a tour to the Silk route there are a few things to keep in your mind before packing your bag. Yes, the tips will help you a lot to discover the beauty of the silk route that you have imagined or listened from someone else. So, without wasting a time let us take a look at the best tip to visit the silk route,

  • Don’t take the weather lightly when you are about to set off for the Silk route tour Sikkim.
  • It is best to visit the silk route either in November or in the middle of March.
  • You need to abide by a few strict rules while visiting the old trade route as it comes under strict military vigilance and propinquity to Tibet.
  • You need to book private transport from Gangtok to discover the beauty of the Silk route.

You should not forget to ensure the roadmap before you getting started for the silk route tour. It will help you to enjoy your trip systemically and you can fulfill your dream to explore the beauty of the silk route without any hassle.


The route has been spotted with many old-fashioned villages that a painter cannot escape the fantasy to paint it on paper. The tour package is just appropriate to explore the beauty of the silk route if it is your first time to conquer the silk route.

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