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Belun Eco Village Resort

Belun Eco Village Resort is the perfect destination for nature lovers, honeymooners & bird watchers. Around 175 km from Kolkata, Belun Eco Village Resort is located near Katwa in the Burdwan District of West Bengal. Local as well as migratory birds flock to Belun and mammals like jackals, foxes, fishing cats, and civets are spotted regularly. Belun village is a low-lying area and harbors a unique ecosystem. Every year the annual floods of the Shibai River submerge the adjacent landscape and create a marshland for a couple of months. You would be staying in a traditional mud house, where you can enjoy mouth-watering Bengali meals of freshly picked vegetables and freshly caught fishes. You can also volunteer in conserving the local wildlife and rehabilitating them in nearby forests.


ü  Shibai River

ü  Choto Pukur

ü  Nayachar (You can able Boat Ride)

ü  Kalyanpur Ghat (Famous for Dolphin)

ü  Attahas Satipith

ü  Butterfly & Bird waiting (From Resort compound)

ü  Apart from this, one can enjoy the jungle hike inside the forest located at the far end of the village, in search of jackals and lesser cats. Interested guests can also enjoy the newly introduced” NIGHT TRAIL”, exclusively designed by us for the adventure and wildlife enthusiasts.



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