About Travotic Holidays

Travotic Holidays cater to its clients, one of finest travel affairs that you can find in Kolkata. Our clients are offered extremely well organized and properly executed tours along with the most competitive price. We are pledged upon providing our travelers with an incredible experience each and every time and we do it by following these core values.

- Mr. Abhijit Mazumder

Having both experience and age by his side, Mr Abhijeet Mazumder has mastered the sales skills to-the-T. His record in sales has touched a bench mark as he has considerably contributed to both the advancement and expansion of his previous organization. Having set foot in the travel industry in the year 2001, along with investing both skill and time through service and travelling extensively himself, Mr Mazumder has gained extensive knowledge about this ever so growing trade arena. With a long behold aptitude and dexterity of venturing into a business, which he can term as his own and endow it with the insight and accomplishments acquired by him over the years; Abhijeet has sketched this new chapter in his life, termed as Travotic Hospitality Pvt. Ltd.

- Mr. Abhijit Dewanji

Mr. Dewanji’s career had started in the I.T. industry where he had gained both physical skills and in-depth knowledge of the technical world that we totally rely upon today. Noticing his knack in sales and ability to break the tough nut just with his vocabulary, Mr Dewanji was lured into the travel industry in the year 2009, and history being kept as a witness, it won’t be an overstatement to state that his proficiency and cognition about the travel industry is ground breaking. Having an extensive travel history in both domestic and international destinations, Mr Abhijit Dewanji now takes upon a new challenge to introduce a totally new dimension into the travel business, one that has never been experienced before. Taking up responsibilities in the management of Travotic Hospitality Pvt. Ltd., he is looking beyond the horizon to give his clients a world class experience.

- Mrs. Arpita Saha

Combating both professional and personal life perfectly, Mrs Arpita Saha has walked a long way in the travel industry. Joining the business back in the year 2000, she had started her journey in the head breaking section of ticketing. Going through thick and thin, Arpita was quite relentless and adamant about surviving in this ever so demanding trade. Gradually she was drawn towards sales and operations where she gathered a considerable amount of expertise in her chosen field and contributed immensely to the travel world. Now she feels totally ready to undertake her own endeavor and venture into a quest for delivering a class apart service to the travel world.